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Also have the release of a new lightweight version. Has more compressed assets which should ease the load a bit on some older graphics cards and may fix some of the issues out there. (It’s around 40 MB smaller but can cause a few graphics glitches)
Mirror 1

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Reworked Pokemon Spawner Block
– Now has a set of different spawning routines selectable via a new button. Allows you to set it to different spawning modes, underwater, in air, air persistent, etc.
Tweaked Trainer Editor
– Stand still trainers can no longer be pushed.
– Stand still and engages trainers don’t look around
Made a bunch of pokemon rideable
Bird shrine spawning is now on by default
Flying pokemon now kick you off if you fly into water and they can’t surf
Added new mewtwo model
New animations

Fixed pokemon staying out after being deleted
Fixed spawner’s scrollbar
Fixed aggression settings in pixelmon spawner
Fixed apricorn trees glitching out and going invis
Fixed pokemon and trainers initiating battle
Fixed poliwhirl and magby’s evolutions
Fixed a severe cpu bug with trainers
Multi block item won’t be removed if fail to place in survival
Apricorns drop 1 block higher
Fix to crash with evolution level with held item pokemon if leveled without a held item
Fixed a tile entity crash
Fixed legendary spawning to support those legendaries who spawned outside of day time
Fixed pigey’s flying models scale

Pixelmon 3.0 Uses latest recommended 1.6.4 forge

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Simply install forge and then copy the pixelmon zip into the mods folder.
Here’s a video to follow:

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