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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the patience with us as we get closer to release. Just thought I’d give you all a heads up on what we’ve been up to. The last month of pixelmon development has been one of the most active months of our existence with 80,000 lines of code added and heaps of stuff put into the mod. Some of the stuff recently added:

  • Boss drops now dropping directly into the inventory
  • Heaps more pokemon
  • Riding and flying speeds now linked to the pokemon’s speed stat
  • Pokegive added and more options added to pokespawn
  • A brand new boss type added and several modifications to how bosses work
  • Flying/Riding stances
  • Brand new database system – we’ve replaced the old SQLITE database type with a new H2 database.  This will be quicker in operation but more importantly should put an end to the can’t find database errors some people have been getting and will make install just a single zip put into the mods folder!

I hope you are all excited, we’ve been working hard on it and are pretty happy with how it’s all going.  Will be showing off the new battle camera soon and there isn’t too much left before we move onto beta testing.

To celebrate the next release we’ll host a safari games tournament a day or 2 before the release where you can see us developers, plus some of our loyal youtubers, try out the brand new version!  Keep an ear out, we’ll have details over the date and time coming up.

84 thoughts on “Update News

          1. Nick

            Its been decided by vote from the community to just implement pokemon as they are modeled, not gen by gen.

      1. bakuganjake123

        no, if you saw that 2.5 teaser on his youtube channel or on this site you saw that he put treeko and turtwig in it so i think that meanse that torchic is in it

  1. Zedxespokeman

    I can’t wait for the new update! I love this mod. Plus I’ve been a loyal fan of this mod since Minecraft 1.2.5!

  2. Strayed

    Whoa, you guys have been busy. This sounds amazing, and you’ve addressed some very important issues that sounds like they’ll really set up some nice rail work for future updates. How easy do you think updating of servers to the newest release will be?

  3. Brady of the Uchiha

    Wow I check almost every hour every day and I’m glad to see this thank you so very much I cant wait for Christmas so I can donate to you guys! You all deserve my sincerest gratitude! Keep up the amazing work! :D

  4. guyrif5656

    I cant wait i so EXITED to see all the new models and pokemon want to get the beta now(but i cant :( )

  5. DrunkDrake

    Hello I am youtuber and i really like this mod i wish it was out so i could start a new seirise about PIXELMON

  6. Tiny_Dragon

    hey guys i have some ideas for the pixelmon updata hope its not to much trouble well theres some pokemon that i think should be added Larvitar,pupitar,tyranaitar,gible,gabite,garchomp,crobat,shinx,luxiow,luxaray,starly,staravfia,starapter,aron,larron,agron and feebas and molotic thxs just some pokemon that i would like to be added :D

    1. onewingedangel98

      That’s not exactly an idea, you just listed a bunch of pokemon you want to be added……if that’s the case i’m sure everyone has some ideas for the update :D

    1. John johnsterson

      Ths is already the best mod of all time and if u look at the pokedex in creative you will see the name of the pokemons coming

  7. Kalaster1

    I just got excited at “Heaps more pokemon”, “Riding and flying speeds now linked to the pokemon’s speed stat”, and “A brand new boss type added”!

  8. Cole

    Need Salamance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. PKsparkxx

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IM SO READY FOR DIS SWEETNESS. hope weazel,amvypom, bayleaf, and scizzor is in the mod update

  10. rchammer

    According to the Forums (which none of you guys ever seem to read…), we should have every non-Unova/Kalos starter line by next update except Torchic and Chimchar. Of course, that’s just my estimate.
    Oh, yeah, and in about two days or so, we can start getting Unova Pokémon again!! (Even though we already had six…)

  11. breadwin

    If Gligar/ Gliscor are added my life will be complete. Let’s hope they do add them. Quagsire too (I like ground pokemon)

  12. Nysyarc

    To be honest the biggest thing I’m hoping to see happen are bug fixes to the battle system. The current battle camera is pretty buggy and often doesn’t show both (or even either) Pokemon during the fight. Multiple hit moves such as Fury Attack only seem to ever hit once even if the battle message says otherwise. Some super-effective damage is not applied properly, like I’ve noticed with Fighting type attacks against Normal types.

    The new additions look really cool and I don’t mean to degrade your work in any way, I appreciate all the effort you’ve put in so far. I just really hope some of these bugs get addressed. Sometimes it’s the little things that can be the most annoying, especially when you’re a big fan of the Pokemon handheld games and know exactly how the battles are supposed to work.

  13. Perry Leleux

    i installed everything correctly but minecraft says there is a bug when i go to play and it wont let me play. please help

  14. Suchet

    I hope they have added some 6th en pokemon as people who haven’t got to play the new version will get a fell of the new gen.

  15. larry302

    cant wait although I download correctly but when I do it my minecraft crashes when i choose my starter pokemon

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