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  1. Brady

    OMG thanks for this awesome update but i didn’t see eevee will it still be in the choices? I cant wait thanks for so much effort!

  2. Rainbow Dash

    It be nice to see like in the Pokemon games for DS/GBA where Oak throws out a Pokemon however that Pokemon he would throw out would be EEVEE just an idea, maybe for a future update, but I like what you have done here, great work :D

    1. Tsev92

      Some graphics cards cannot handle the HD textures of some models, sorry nothing they can do about it. Its your graphics card’s fault.

  3. Nikkybro

    Looking great and are you gonna do the starters for gen 3 once your done gen 2 or just add them whenever?

    1. Nikkybro

      The reason it says black and white is because of the thing they used for the starters and ya I found that weird as well

  4. Japplen Seed Xy

    Oh My Gosh I love this mod it’s been my favorite mod for about 2 years (when it just had like 50 pokemon) and recently some [a lot] of my favorite minecraft youtubers started making pixelmon series


  5. shadow23541

    Somethings wrong. i installed pixelmon and forge into my 1.6.2, and whenever i launch a world, it crashes. also, one of my favorite youtubers gave out a public server for everyone to go on. i can’t log on. it says i have pixelmon ID Mismatches

    1. Homeless One

      u h=had the same issue, turn out i needed to go into the zip file and extract the two folders inside. pixelmon mod file obviously goes into the mods folder, but directiries goes into the actual .minecraft folder and merged with the folder already existing.

  6. Homeless One

    any idea if you guys are gonna start working on implementing the gyms? cause that’d be brilliant! and maybe a monetary system so we can use money gained from battles to buy some of the rarer stuff at randomly spawning stores? even poke balls. The amount of pokeballs i use is rapidly draining the iron in the surrounding area. plus, having the option to not have to craft them would be nice

  7. [email protected]

    yes yes yes this is awsome i am a huge pokemon fan and this need to by addid to the games o and pls make dialga palkia giratina in the ender dragon and make some pokemons in the nether

  8. kster

    Cool new screen but i gotz a sugestion when u log in to your new world u can chose what region starters you want like sinnoh hoen unova and kanto

  9. Carcass

    They’re trying to make the models too realistic, i prefer the blocky old models, because it fits minecraft perfectly. just my opinion, keep up the good work anyways.

  10. cooper


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