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Hi Guys,

Following on from the new AI shown in the video posted yesterday here’s some more info about something newly added to the pixelmon source for the next version.

I’ve been working on ways of reducing lag that people experience in smp and came up with an idea to reduce network traffic, it’s a flexible packet system for pokemon data that will only ever transfer the data that is changed in a pokemon when the client needs to know about it. Implementing it wasn’t that hard and it’s all working, overall it should mean a reduction in data transferred by a factor of 3-4!

Hope you are all excited for what else is coming…


33 thoughts on “Update news

  1. Miky_05

    plz, fix even some glitches that some people have, like, they don’t see the new venusaur texture or some people don’t even se the golduck’s texture

    1. MrMasochism Post author

      If you have checked our forums at all you’ll have seen the reason for that glitch. It comes from having a graphics card which can’t handle textures over a certain size and it’s not something that’s all that easy to fix

  2. aurvi

    I heard that you were gonna add like a pvp system where the pokemon hunt you and you have to be prepared with armour and swords to fight them in a safari video if you do would you be able to make it a diffrent mod because most people like they way pixelmon is now all it needs is bugs fixing which you guys are working on and more pokemon

    1. Mr. Seroius

      This Thing is getting famous lots of famous youtubers are doing this mod like skydoesminecraft and his friends and arpxl13 and his friends are doing it too

  3. TrentasaurasRex

    I’m waiting for the update when they add lugia and ho-oh and like infernape I have caught all the lengendaries and want lugia really bad please put him in next update!!!!!!

  4. Dasyn31

    Man you guys are on fire!! It’s a shame that I’m full time working and studying, so I barely have time to play minecraft =(

  5. TheWilted

    Me and my friends just recently got into Pixelmon and we haven’t played vanilla minecraft since!

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for what you are doing, taking my favorite game as a kid, combining it with my favorite game as an adult, and making something this fun!

    Looking forward to the next update, it can’t come out soon enough!

  6. Jak

    Any info on when the next update will be coming or what pokemon will be added? My friends and i play together every day, I Can’t wait until it does and the new pokemon it will add!

  7. luke

    you think u will have most of the pokemon in the game before x and y comes out and u have more to program

  8. Nick

    When i play pixelmon on a server the blocks lag and i have to break them like 5 times to collect them i dont know if its something you guys could fix but if it is please do that in the next update. I cant wait for the next update hopefully there will be 2nd generation starters :D

  9. N00byCrafter

    can you please fix the error for mac? when i put in the mod, my minecraft will crash everytime i tried to enter minecraft.

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